Technical & Service

Warranty coverage

· The invoice date, since the date of sale within one year of free tuning and mechanical finishing time.

· The invoice date, since the date of sale within two years of free warranty coverage:

The piano is a serious quality problems can be returned:e

· Pegs nail relaxation can not guarantee that the standard pitch;

· Iron plate fracture;

The piano is a general quality problem free replacement parts and repair:

· Sound board the degumming of ribs or cracking, chord code unglued or cracking;

· Key Sub distorted or degumming, cracking the key sub-surface film;

· Hammer carpet adhesive is not strong and unglued;

· Shell cracking and shell the paint cracking of the adhesive is not strong;

· Pedal due to bad material caused by the break.

· Iron plate fracture;

Non-warranty coverage

· According to the maintenance manual requirements Piano damage and failure;

· Finishing the normal tuning parts beyond the one-year warranty period;

· Due to the transportation, handling, or other accidental damage; (including piano master or others)

Warranty method

Piano during use for maintenance service or repair services, be sure to contact your local dealer, they will be happy to serve you, and do not attempt to whom.