• A kind of color:black

KG120 upright piano applies patented technology and is assessed as “the best piano in China”.

●The sound board is designed with three sides fixed and the underside free for vibration. In that case, the vibration would be more active and the

sustain sound more lasting.

●Strictly comply with the design principle of “three points in one line” to produce the action and the keyboard, solid basswood for keyboard as well

as weight adjustment technique.Action is processed by the most advanced machine from Japan, center pin and center pin felt imported from Japan

make the playing more comfortable and the touch more sensitive.

●Use the imported red wood and felt for the hammer, adopt the “ROSLAU” steel string from Germany and dual strengthen protruding structure

for lasting resonance, beautiful timbre and great expressiveness.

●Piano shell is painted with the paint from Korea via the spray, sand, polish facilities from SCM Italy for royal enjoyment.

●We have obtained the patent of utility model applying into the design of strung (Patent No. is ZL200320231425.5).

●Inner hydraulic descent controller for safe opening and close of the lid.