• A kind of color:black

Series KG158 Grand piano sourced from classical design of Master K.Fenner,is a good piano for home and concert. The string from Roeslau Germany, hammer Centerpin from Japan ,paint from Korea enssure the high quality of the piano, and show perfect perfomance both in solo and Ensemble.

●Get most effective vibration area through high quality spruce soundboard selection and optimized design for the lasting resonation and perfect timbre

●Rosalu string,dual strengthen protruding structure for durable and stable intonation.

●Imported super fagus for pin block.

●Imported hammer from Japan for clear timbre and abundant performance.

●Strictly comply the design principle of Three point in One line for action and keyboard to get smart touch.

●DETOA action from Czech Republic

●Solid wooden keyboard through weight ajustment and special craft adjustment make the play smoonth.

●Middel pedal is the optional sustain pedal type.

●Painted with the paint from Korea through the spray,sand,polish facility from SCM Italy for royal enjoyment.

●Inner hydrulic descent controller for safe open and close of lid.