• A kind of color:black
Serise KG150 grand piano sourced from classical design of Master K.Fenner,is a good piano for home with high quality and reasonable price.

●Select high quality spruce solid wood soundboard,make the resonance more lasting,the voice more beautiful.

●Select Germany “Roslau”steel sting.

●Imported super fagus “dehonit”pin block from Germany.

●Imported hammer form Japan for clear timbre and abundant performance.

●Strictsly comply the design principle of European piano for action and keyboard to get smart touch.

●Solid wood keyboard through weight justment and special craft adjustment,make the play smooth.

●Middel pedal is the optional sustain pedal type.

●Painted with the paint from Korea through the spray,sand,polish facililty from SCM Iatly for royal enjoyment.

●Inner hydraulic descent controller for safe open and close of lid