• KF133

KF133 brought down Klaus Fenner's lifetime knowledge and experience, it was the last masterpiece with his all effort. It is adored and collected by many pianists, music experts and enthusiast. A large professional playing piano. Based on KG133, KF133 had more technical innovation and increased high-end configuration. it is appraised as "small size grand piano".

● Strictly, precise and accurate Germany handmade crafts.

● Select high quality spruce solid wood soundboard, “double soundboard” design could reach the most effective shock wave, make the resonance more lasting, the voice more beautiful.

● Unique unaverage back post column make the piano more steady. And lasting.

● “AA level” FFW “ABLE” rosewood hammer from Germany, well-combination of flexibility and hardness, supply perfect timbre.

● Basswood solid wood keyboard, African ebony sharp key, Germany white key, measurement the key weight cooperated with lead weight, supply you comfortable and fluent play.

● Single maple bridge, make the voice frequency transferring faster and more correct.

● Germany "Röslau" steel string, make the timbre more beautiful and clear.

● Japanese center pin and center felt, high quality hard color wood, and the action processed by the most advanced Japanese whole set precision equipment, make the action work more flexible.

● Pedal system use high quality hardwood, has strong European classic feeling.

● Inner Hydraulic pressure soft fall from Korean, make the open and close of fallboard more comfortable and safe.