• A kind of color:black

KF158, KF185 series grand piano originate from the classic design of Klaus Fenner, it is a kind of good piano for family and professional play; has beautiful lines, elegant modeling, and highly cost performance.

● Select high quality spruce solid wood soundboard, adopt special different thickness handling in effective vibration field of soundboard according to the shock wave principle, and fix the soundboard and bridge by glue without screw, make the shock wave of soundboard more active, the resonance more lasting, the tone more rich.

● Special processing craft of twice pulling arcs in soundboard.

● Adopt mechanical connection mode for solid wood single glued back board and back post, ensure the soundboard lasting effective radian.

● “AA level” FFW “ABLE” rosewood hammer from Germany, well-tuned voicing, make the voice more clear, and make the expressive force more rich.

● Famous “DETOA” action from Czech.

● Adopt solid wood for keyboard, ebony black key, adjust weight with lead, then do special craft adjustment, make play more comfortable and fluent.

● “DEHONIT” high quality fagus lamination pin block from Germany.

● Famous “ROSLAU” steel strings from Germany.

● Single plate pressing solid wood cover made by Chinese catalpa, paint from Korea.

● Inner Hydraulic pressure soft fall.